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Medical Malpractice

Medical Negligence or "Medical Malpractice" is an area of the law that has to do with allegations of wrongdoing by a medical professional, a hospital, medical physicians or their medical staff. As part of any case, there are several elements that need to be proved in order to prevail in a medical negligence case. Medical negligence actions can also be brought against hospitals, nurse practitioners and registered nurses and other medical staff. The plaintiff (often the victim) has to prove that 1) the doctor, medical physician, or staff ("defendant") owed that person a "duty of care"; 2) that the defendant violated the applicable "standard of care"; 3) the person suffered a "compensable injury"; and 4) the injury was "caused in fact and proximately" by the substandard conduct of the defendant. 

Our firm accept cases such as: wrongful births, neurological and physical impairments of new borns, misdiagnosis of fetuses in utero, negligent prescription of drugs, misdiagnosis of cancer and heart disease, misinterpretation of radiological films, negligent surgical interventions, failure to diagnose infectious diseases and other medical conditions.  We have been successful in obtaining important results in medical related cases and we have the resources, both financial and in personnel, to tackle even the most aggressive defendant. 

We are proud to have recently resolved a very important case against a local Miami hospital and various physicians in a case involving the negligent removal of a pacemaker that resulted in serious cardiovascular injuries, hypoxia and the eventual death of our client.  Please call us to learn more about our experience in the handling of medical negligence related cases.  You can reach us at 305.445.9292.