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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where a skilled third-party neutral called a mediator encourages and facilitates the resolution of a dispute between two or more parties.  It is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), that includes arbitration and negotiation options.  The idea behind mediation is to help parties faced with a dispute reach a mutual agreement that is acceptable, voluntary and cost-efficient.  In mediation, the ultimate decision on whether to resolve a case or matter rests squarely with the parties.  A mediator’s role is limited to assisting the parties reach an agreement through reasoned dialogue and encouragement.

Online Mediations 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are conducting online, video and telephonic mediations to help resolve disputes and avoid the risk of exposure to the virus. We offer video mediations through Zoom and other platforms to efficiently close matters. Please call us to coordinate the platform that best fits your case.

Competitive Fees

We provide our clients the best mediation experience while maintaining a competitive fee structure.  Our plans include hourly, half-day, full-day, and multi-day mediations.  

Specialized and Expert Mediations

Unlike many other mediation outfits, our firm brings over 28 years mediation experience resolving complex and specialized cases. We understand the process, the law and we know how to bridge the money and issue gaps.  

Mediations Services

We offer the following types of mediation services:

  • Airline, General Aviation and Air Disasters
    • Jurisdiction and forum non conveniens 
    • Montreal Convention, foreign treaties and choice of law issues
    • Cargo and passenger claims
    • Statute of Repose and GARA issues
    • Sovereign Immunity 
    • Product defect claims
    • other issues preventing the resolution of cases
  • Automobile, Trucking, and Train Accidents  
    • Insurance
    • Defect, maintenance, road construction, inadequate warnings and other claims
    • Injuries, death and product defect related claims
    • DOT and federal railroad safety acts
  • Boating and Maritime 
    • General Maritime and Jones Act
    • Product defect claims
    • Insurance considerations
  • Business and Corporate Law 
    • Contractual issues
    • Vendor agreement disputes
    • Partnership separation issues
  • Class Actions and Mass Torts
    • Multi-district litigation matters
    • Commercial airline accidents
    • Environmental toxic torts claims involving land, water and air
    • Pharmaceutical claims
    • Product defect matters
  • Construction Accidents
    • Florida Workers' Compensation Statute claims
    • Horizontal and vertical immunity issues 
    • Contractual considerations
  • Insurance 
    • Coverage and alleged bad faith claims 
    • First and third-party claims
    • Hurricane and property damage claims

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