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Auto Accidents

Los automóviles y motocicletas

    Los accidentes de colisión de vehículos
     Los casos de peatones frente a vehículos
     Las lesiones de pasajeros y su cónyuge
     Asiento defectuosa de la correa y Airbags
     Los neumáticos defectuosos
     Los accidentes vuelco del vehículo
     De alquiler y de inmunidad Argumentos
     Accidentes de Vehículos de Trabajo
     Las muertes
Automobiles and Motorcycles
Camiones y autobuses

    Camión colisiones relacionadas
     La negligencia del conductor de camión
     Deberes de empresa de transportes en la contratación de conductor
     La Administración Nacional de Seguridad en las Carreteras (NHTSA) Requisitos
     Conducir ebrio
     neumáticos defectuosos y equipo defectuoso

Reclamos de seguro

   Las reclamaciones de seguros de Beneficios
     Negociación de hospital y facturas médicas
     Protección contra lesiones personales (PIP) acciones

Trucks and Busses

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce estuvo involucrado en un accidente de automóvil o motocicleta o se debieron ser herido por un camión o mientras en un autobús, llame al 1 305-445-9292 y le guiará de si tiene demanda.

Representation for Auto Accidents

At Montoya Law, we have dedicated our practice to helping those in pain. We represent wrongful death and auto accident cases in Miami, Florida, and across the country, and help victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. There's no reason to suffer alone when we're on your side. Our skilled legal professionals will fight to protect your rights, and to get you the compensation you deserve following your accident. We also represent clients in mass tort  accident cases.

Over the years, we have fought and won a wide range of cases. Here are just a few of the areas of law we cover:

Vehicle Collision Accidents | Pedestrian Vs. Vehicle Cases | Passenger & Spouse Injuries | Faulty Seat Belts & Airbags | Defective Tires | Vehicle Rollover Accidents | Rental & Immunity Arguments | Work Vehicle Accidents | Fatalities | Truck Related Collisions | Truck Driver Negligence | Duties of Trucking Company in Hiring Driver | National Highway Safety Administration (NHSTA) Requirements | Drunk Driving | Defective Tires & Faulty Equipment | Insurance Claims for Benefits | Negotiation of Hospital & Medical Bills | Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Actions

Car Accident

Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful deaths are an unfortunate, but very real, part of our reality. Trust our attorneys to take your case to trial and litigate on your behalf, as we have done countless times over the last two decades. These actions are premised on the legal argument that the death of a person was caused by the negligence of another person, organization, or company. These cases can be quite complex in nature, and require the attorney to have ample experience and a working knowledge of relevant laws that govern the action. In Florida, for example, there is a specific statute that governs who can file a wrongful death action, by when, and what damages are recoverable.

Past Litigations

Throughout our history, we have been successful in litigating the following type actions:

Automobile Accidents Resulting in Death | Pedestrian Fatalities | Air Disasters | Trucking Fatalities | Motorcycle Accidents | Construction Fatalities | Boating Injuries Resulting in Death | Shooting Incidents | Drowning Accidents