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Litigation and Trial Experience

Montoya Law, P.A. is a litigation and trial law firm. The firm has handled numerous cases before local, state, and national judges and juries. Over the years, the firm has handled hundreds of complex personal injury and wrongful death cases including a significant number of mass tort cases both on a national and international scale. The firm’s quest is to seek full and fair compensation for victims injured or killed by defective or faulty products, by the negligent actions of drivers, pilots and those in control of dangerous instruments or machines.

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Montoya Law, P.A. respects the privacy of our client and opts not to disclose the names and settlements of its clients. Additionally, due to the confidential nature of some settlements, the names of a vast majority of insurance defendants and plaintiffs are not disclosed. However, all jury verdicts and appellate decisions that are not privileged or subject to a confidentiality order are detailed below. The purpose of this list, while not exhaustive, is simply to inform prospective clients of the quality of work performed by the firm.

Sample List of Settlements and Jury Verdicts

  • Boeing Max 8 Litigation, confidential settlements
  • Clients v. Ford Motor Company, consolidated action and confidential settlements 
  • Jar v. Hunters Run, settlement in the amount of $2,800,000 
  • Hotel shooting incident involving two victims, settlment in excess of $2,000,000
  • Clients v. CR Entertainment, settlement in excess of $2,500,000
  • Martinez v. OJ Trucking, jury verdict of $2,300,000 
  • Clients v. LB Airlines, settlement in excess of $2,000,000
  • Rodriguez and Ram Kam v. Orlando Entertainment Co., settlement of $1,500,000
  • Gomez v. American Airlines, jury verdict $1,300,000
  • Velasco v. Doe Tire Co., settlement in excess of $1,000,000
  • Nasimoff v. Polo, final judgment of $780,000 
  • M.B v. Business Partner, settlement of $450,000
  • I. Rodriguez v. Cable Companies, settlement of $450,000
  • E.G. v. BBroadband and others, settlement of $400,000
  • Kalpa Enterprises v. Hana Trading Corp., et al., final judgment in excess of $321,000
  • Rodriguez v. B.Room Company, settled for $125,000
  • Bondarengo v. Miami Hotel, settlement in the amount of $110,000
  • A.A. v. Tampa D., settled for $100,000