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Trust Montoya Law, P.A. to fight for you in cases of mass tort liability, such as airline liability cases or cruise ship accidents. Our Miami, Florida, law firm fights throughout Florida and across the world.

General Aviation, Airline & Mass Tort 

Members of Montoya Law, P.A. have over 23 years experience in the handling of aviation crash of all types. Since 1993, Edward Montoya has dedicated his resources in the handling of personal injury, wrongful death and defective product as related to air disasters. From single engine air crashes to mass airline disasters, Edward Montoya and his firm have successfully handled the following cases:

• SAM Crash near Medellin, Colombia, in 1993

• INTERCONTINENTAL Crash, Maria La Baja, Colombia, in 1995

• AVIATECA Crash in El Salvador in 1995

• AMERICAN AIRLINES™, Flight 965 near Cali, Colombia, in 1995

• MILLON AIR Crash in Manta, Ecuador, in 1996

• CUBANA DE AVIACION Crash in Quito, Ecuador, in 1998

• TAME Crash in Bogota, Colombia, in 1998

• LAPA Crash in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1999

• TAESA Crash in Urapan, Mexico, in 1999

• ATLAS AIR Incident, Guayaquil, Ecuador, in 2000

• TAME Crash near the Cumbal Volcano, Colombia, in 2002

• RICO LINHAS AEREAS Crash near Manaus, Brazil, in 2004

• WEST CARIBBEAN Crash near Machiques, Venezuela, in 2005

• TANS, Flight 204 crash near Pucallpa, Peru, 2005

• GOL Crash, Brazilia, Brazil, in 2006

• LAB Crash near Trinidad, Bolivia, in 2008

• SANTA BARBARA AIRLINES Crash, Merida, Venezuela, in 2008

• CONTINENTAL AIRLINES, Flight 128, turbulance case in 2009

• AIRASIA, Flight QZ8501, Air Crash over the Java Sea, 2014

• Single engine air crash, Palm Beach, Florida 2014

• Sikorsky™ helicopter crash, Colombia 2014

• Single engine crash, Bogota, Colombia, 2014

• Various General Aviation Accidents from 1993 to Present

If you or anyone you know is in need of an attorney with air disaster experience, please call us at 1.305.445.9292 and we will guide you on whether you have claim.

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We are proud to represent those wrongfully harmed by the negligence of others. As you can see, we have plenty of experience helping others, and we have represented families around the world in United States Courts. Trust us to meet your needs as well.

Cruise Ships & Maritime Liability

We also have a great deal of experience representing victims and their families in ship-related accidents. We have successfully handled and received compensation for passengers and crew members on Carnival Cruise Lines™, Royal Caribbean Lines™ and others cargo companies. Many of the claims we have handled include Jones Act negligence and maintenance and cure claims.  We've covered a very wide range of claims, including:

Cruise Ship Passenger Accidents | Slip and Falls | Defective Furniture | Assaults and Battery | Rape | Delays | Lost Luggage | Injuries by Workers at Sea (Jones Act and Long Shoreman Claims) | Past Pain and Suffering | Future Pain and Suffering | Past Lost Wages | Future Lost Wages | Reimbursement of Medical Expenses | Future Surgeries | Vocational Rehabilitation | Spousal and Children's Rights in making a Jones Act Claim | Other Areas of Representation | Offshore Oil Rig Accidents | Commercial Fishing Mishaps | Accidents on Tug Boats | Grounded Ship Injuries | Accidents due to Drugs and Alcohol | Crane Mishaps | Shipyard Injuries | Diving Vessel Injuries | Accidents on Barges | Cargo Hauling Accidents