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Montoya Law, P.A. has a great deal of experience in all matters of commercial and business law matters, from negotiating contracts to product liability representation. The partners at the firm have represented individuals in contract negotiations, aircraft equipment purchases, aircraft simulator purchases, service contracts for airport services, and pilot contracts.  We have successfully defended clients in U.S. FAA and DOT alleged violation actions.  For many years, our firm currently represented a major Latin American airline with multiple offices and with a fleet of over 20 aircraft that traveled throughout Latin America, the United States and Europe.  The scope of the firm's work and experience in aviation law related matters, assured the airlines' compliance with FAA and DOT guidelines as well as international treaties and conventions.

Turn to our Miami, Florida, firm to represent your company. We'll do all we can to ensure a favorable outcome for your business at home and abroad. We also represent clients in accident and mass tort cases. Trust us with other business related matters including:

Consulting on Major Deals | Contract Review & Drafting | Corporate Structuring Advice | Business Disputes | Corporate Disagreements | Breach of Contract Consultation | Litigation for Specific Performance | Contract Actions of All Kinds | Injunctions | Cease & Desist Notifications | Intended Third Party Beneficiary Litigation | International Corporate Matters | Strategic Planning for International Clients | International Corporate Structures | Director & Fiduciary Responsibilities

If you or anyone you know is in need of an experienced attorney who can handle business related litigation, please call us at 1.800.880.6735.

Defective Tire

Product Defects

Our central mission is to help individual receive fair compensation for injuries resulting from accidents. A defective product injury claim is made against manufacturers when credible evidence exists that a product did not function as intended and was flawed in its design, resulting in unexpected product failure. Often, these actions extend beyond the manufacturer, and include distributors, suppliers, and retailers.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects result from poor quality of materials during manufacturing. These claims also cover poor workmanship.

Design Defects

Design defects are failures due to poor design or engineering oversights. These claims include inaccurate designs, novel untested or poorly tested designs, altered or modified designs, and designs of one product used in combination with other, unapproved, products. The classic example includes the famous Ford™- Firestone™ cases where a poorly designed tire was used with a vehicle that required a different type and style tire.

Marketing Defects

When producers, distributors, and retailers fail to properly warn consumers of an impending danger posed by a product, there is a legal presumption that such a product could harm the user in certain circumstances. Companies that market these products should share in the liability with the manufacturer for failing to warn consumers of these dangers. Examples include ATV and SUV rollovers.

Breach of Warranty

If a manufacturer, dealer, or retailer fails to honor the warranty of a product it is considered a breach of warranty. These claims are considered a type of product liability, and the core of the argument surrounds whether the breach was to an express or implied warranty.